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Can You Handle Hades?

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Can You Handle Hades?

Post  Hades on Tue Oct 06, 2009 7:46 am

--Hades is seen walking backstage while Sasha suddenly blocks him puting a mic in front of him--

Sasha: Hades, can I ask you a couple of questions? I promise I'll be fast.

--Hades keeps walking and this way forces Sasha to walk with him--

Hades: Go ahead, ask...

Sasha: But couldn't you stop for a second, please?

Hades: Is that your first question? If it is the answer is....no. Do you want to ask me something else?

--Sasha starts talking with a tired voice--

Sasha: OK....Do you fear any consequences after your and Insa's attack on the nightmare commentators?

Hades: First of all, that wasn't an attack, but we just helped them make their mind up. And second, we got their job done, and I believe we even did it better.

--Hades stops in front of The Kings locker room, takes a glass from the water dispencer, puts it on the door and starts listening while Sasha is looking embarrassed at him--

Sasha: Hades, what...

Hades: Shhhhh!!!

--Hades listens a bit more before turning around to face Sasha--

Hades: We can't go in there, Insa is training the cheerleaders.

Sasha: I can continue the interview here, it's not a problem.

Hades: I don't like it here, come.

--Hades starts walking again with an exasperate Sasha on his tail--

Sasha: Hades, what can you say about Stealthy's departure?

Hades: Stealthy left?

Sasha: Yes, he left following your interference in his tournament match.

Hades: Oh, he called that an interference? I haven't even touched him. He got beaten fair and square. And anyway, how many wrestling federation did he quited in the last 6 months? At least 10 I believe, so please don't waste my time talking about an inadequate individual.

--Hades stops in front of King Neli's office, and starts knocking at the door but nobody answers--

Sasha: You want to continue this interview later Hades?

Hades: Shhhh!

--Hades takes out a safety pin from his pocket and opens neli's door with it--

Sasha: You can't....

Hades: Damn girl! Somebody ever told you you talk too much and in bad moments?

--Hades takes Sasha by the hand and enters Neli's office, but founds out inside King Neli II facing one of the corners--

Hades: Damn toy!

--Hades approaches Neli II and slaps him over the head--

Hades: Barbie, get out, I need to talk with this cute lady.

--Neli II grunts at Hades--

Hades: I was just kidding little Neli, come to uncle Hades, I'll give you a cookie...

--Hades suddenly punches Neli II that fells on the floor, puts him on his shoulder and drops him outside the office, closing the door behind him--

Hades: Take a sit, Sasha.

--Sasha still shocked continues the interview--

Sasha: What was I saying...ummh...yes, about your last match, you and Insa defeated two great opponents.

Hades: Yes, not a great match but we kind of enjoyed fighting together again. After all, we are the greatest tag team in the history of this federation, and why not, one of the best tag teams in the wrestling industry.

Sasha: This means you are going to challenge Dylan and Matt for the tag titles?

Hades: Dylan is more of a pupil to us and it would be no match, even if I have to admit that Dylan, in a fighting mood like in the last tournament match could cause trouble to anyone. But still, me and Insa aren't interested in any title at all.

Sasha: I also wanted to ask you about TCM's last statement, that fighting Splat Pooey is much more entertaining than facing you for the heavyweight title.

Hades: First of all, I don't fight to defend my title as I already showed the entire wrestling world that nobody in this federation can defeat The Kings and not even me or Insa in a single match, so, if this spoiled brat, that came here from the rich feds where they even forgot how painfull this sport can be, and where ticket sales are above everything, wants to put his foot where his mouth stands at the moment, which is on my butt, and wants a match at the PPV, I'm here and available. Also, he can chose any tag partner in this fed and make it a tag match against The Kings if he wishes to, I am totally open to any suggestion. Actually I suggest him to pick that new guy, The Prophet, that he also seems to have a problem with The Kings, and who is gonna taste a piece of Insa's rage tonight on the Main Event.

Sasha: Wow, Hades, this are great statements You made today, and I'm sure the AtPW fans can't wait to see the developments of this season which will hopefully end with the greatest PPV in AtPW history.

Hades: Hmmm, the fans, You know why they are called the crowd, during the shows? Because they are all stuck together, they all think the same way when they're together, just like a flock, just like sheeps. That's why I never cared and I never will what the flock thinks.

--Hades stands up from Neli's chair and leaves the office closing the door behind him--

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