Whats your game?

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Whats your game?

Post  Norwegian_Playboy on Tue Oct 13, 2009 12:30 pm

-- Under Cover Brother is seen sitting in The Ladies Men looker room with lights off --

UCB(shouting): OH COME ON!!! That's cheating!

-- Norwegian Playboy carefully opens the looker room --

UCB: eat my Brotha Drop Of Blackness stupid Insa!!

-- Norwegian Playboy looks around shocked --

NP: Where is he?! Let me do a Last Stand on him!

-- Under Cover Brother turn around in he's chair --

UCB: Come sit with me bro and do it!

-- Under Cover Brother gives Norwegian Playboy a hand-control as he sits down --

-- the camera moves closer to the screen. They are play Nightmare vs. Warzone 2010 --

NP: Eat the Brotha Drop Of Blackness Hades! You lill rat. Hahaha

UCB: Now now save some for the real fight!

-- Both of The Ladies Men stand up and camera moves back --

NP: Hey kid's I am Norwegian Playboy and i play as the awesome Under Cover Brother in Nightmare vs. Warzone!

UCB: And I am Under Cover Brother and i play as the amazing Norwegian Playboy in Nightmare vs. Warzone!

-- They lift up and show to camera a copy of Nightmare vs. Warzone 2010 --

(here its supose to be pictore of teh game cover that meech made but the stupid "host a image" is messed up atm..)

The Ladies Men: Together we are The Ladies Men. Whats your game?

-- The camera fades to black --

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