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PPV roleplay

Post  Underkane on Sun Oct 18, 2009 1:52 pm

--the lights go out around the arena and underkane is spotted at the top of the ramp with some mist around his ankles--

underkane: So this is pain overdose, where all the scum have collected to try to get in the aura of greatness which is myself.

--the crowd boo as underkane walks down to the ring which he enters--/i]

underkane: I have an announcement to make. Tonight I shall be competing in a tag team match against some of the worst wrestler's I have ever had the misfortune to meet, ray allan and abeing, not even a person called Neli II!

[i]--the crowd chant WE LOVE ROBOTS!!--

underkane: SHUT UP! SHUT UP ALL OF YOU! So you all wanted to know who may tag partner for tonight is don't you? Well I am not going to tell you because you should be supporting real people and real wrestlers like me the homicidal highflyer underkane! Instead you flounce around with machines and people such as Ray allen, yes he may have gone to military school but I can tell you he is a rotton egg at heart!

--underkane storms out of the ring and to the back--


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