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Post  crashoverride on Mon Oct 19, 2009 9:49 am

- The camera goes to a gimps of Hitman and Crash waiting for there match to start, the camera man is hiding behind some crates -

Leo: The camera man better not get to close you know what they have been doing to camera men lately.

Aaron: And if he does get beat down you can't blame Hitman or Crash because he should know better.

Crashoverride: Man I can't wait to pummel these guys! Even though we've been doing it the last few weeks, but we are going to destroy them! We should have guaranteed our win tonight and put up a stipulation because we are going to totally dominate this match!

Leo: Man the confidence of these two is going to get the best of them tonight!

Aaron: Dream on pretty boy, TBS is going down tonight because of there secret weapon and I've seen it! Its going to be a big surprise.

- Aaron grins -

Leo: What is it grand master?

Aaron: It wouldn't be a "secret" weapon if I told you now would it.

Crashoverride: We are going to show that traitor Clevland that you don't turn your back on the most dominate faction is ATPW history!

Leo: Could there ego get any bigger?

- Crash looks over to Hitman and motions to his left toward the camera guy, with a smile on his face -

Leo: Oh no they spotted the camera guy!

- The camera starts to shake, but Hitman shakes his head in disaproval -

Hitman: Crash we can't focus on small fries like that one over there.

- Hitman points to the camera man -

Hitman: This is about destroying TBS and making sure they never forget who is the dominate faction here in ATPW. We need to focus on the match at hand! This is the biggest PPV in ATPW's history! And HoA is going to shock the world tonight, while standing over the broken bodies of Clevland and Show Stopper.

Crashoverride: Ok Ok, but can we beat up the camera guy after that?

Hitman: ummm. Ok.

- Hitman points at the camera guy, while Crash has a sadistic smile on his face and cracks his knuckles -

Hitman: Don't go anywhere we will be back to take care of you after our match.

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