TBS in The locker room PPV RP

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TBS in The locker room PPV RP

Post  Dwayne Daniels on Mon Oct 19, 2009 12:19 pm

-- The Camera man opens a door and points the camera to a gim, where The Show Stopper and Clevland are talking about ther FCA match --

Leo: Let's see what TBS have planned for tonight match, they need a good plan for a No Dq match against HoA !

Aaron: Hit 'n run?

The Show Stopper: This can be the greatest match of our carrer Clev, a Falls Count Anywhere match at the biggest PPV in AtPW history...

-- TSS looks with a worried face --

Clevland: I know TSS, but you have a great PPV tag team experience right?

The Show Stopper: Yes, in my former fed i was in 3 tag team matchs in PPV's, but i never had a Falls Count Anywhere Tag Team match...

-- The Camera man walks in their direction, to get a better view --

Clevland: Its sounds violent...they will try something under this no Dq stipulation.

The Show Stopper: Of course they will...but... they aren't the only guys who knows how to swing a steel chair around here !

-- Tss Smiles gives a pat in Clevland shoulder --

Aaron: So he's a good wrestlers only if he got a Steel Chair close to him?

Leo: Oh, of course Aaron, he beated Hitman and Crash alone, thats don't make him a good wrestler?

Aaron: He must had cheated !

Clevland : Sure !! Comon TSS, we are stronger, smarter, and better wrestlers, will be a easy job !

-- TSS and Hitman Stand up --

The Show Stopper: Yeah, and its a Falls count anywhere match, so we can kick their butt in all the arena long !

-- TSS looks to the camera man and points to Clevland --

The Show Stopper: And HoA, Clevland got one word for you guys !

-- Clevland looks with a mad face for the camera and scream --


Leo: Woooow!! TBS is going wild right here at biggest stage of then all !

-- The camera fades and shows the arena again --
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