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A Beaten Challenger

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A Beaten Challenger

Post  Chris Extreme on Tue Oct 20, 2009 3:15 pm

--"Man with a Plan" blasts through the speakers as the crowd begins booing. At comes Chris Extreme walking slowly to the ring. He gets in the ring and snatches the mic from the ring announcer--

Leo: Chris Extreme is not happy about losing the Intercontinental Championship 3 nights ago at Pain Overdose.

Aaron: Why would he be happy, Leo? He was in one of the greatest Russian Roulette matches and came so close.

Chris Extreme: I just can't believe...

--The crowds booing grows--

Chris Extreme: Shut up! Just Shut up!

--The crowds booing gets violent--

Chris Extreme: My first ever Intercontinental title defense and I came so close to retaining my title. It just hurts who is the Intercontinental Champion, maverick.

--The crowd cheers at the mention of his name--

Chris Extreme: He won after he throwing me through a table and reaching up and grabbing the title. I still fell the pain, and I fell hard on my right shoulder. But, I am not finished with maverick yet. He is holding my Intercontinental Championship and I want it back.

--The crowd boos louder--

Chris Extreme: I better not be drafted back to Nightmare tonight. I am comfortable here and I don't feel like going back there. Plus, I have a rematch clause that I will use very soon. Mav, it isn't Jason's title, it's mine and I want it back!

--The crowd chants maverick, maverick over and over agian--

Chris Extreme: Jason has been taking a vacation all this season. His lazy self doesn't deserve that title! I do. Tonight I will prove that. Even though I am injured, I want a challenge!

--The crowd continues their maverick chant--

Chris Extreme: Who wants to face me right here right now?
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