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Thoughts for the hungry mind

Post  World's Biggest Erection on Thu Oct 22, 2009 4:20 pm

--The scene cuts in from black to show WBE sitting in a chair inside his lockerroom, thinking to himself.--
WBE thinking to himself: So, the Draft has came, and I am the European Champion. That probably means that I won't get drafted, seeing as the European Championship is Nightmare's title. Well, That's a relief, but what about my problems here recently?
--WBE gets angry and he punches the wall beside him, busting his knuckles.--
WBE continues thinking to himself: I am WBE! Why can't I win? I have the talent. I have the skill, I've got everything! Why can't I win? I should've beaten Fissure fair and square, not taken that cheap shot. What is wrong with me? Is it my attitude? Maybe torutring people was wrong to do. Maybe I shouldn't have acted so wrong towards the audience. I mean they paid to watch me wrestle, not kill other wrestlers.
--WBE stands up and looks in the big ovular mirror in his lockerroom. He stares into it for a second.--
WBE: Maybe I'm not better than everyone else. Maybe I'm even the least dominant species. I may be the champ, but I don't even think that I deserve it. What will happen to my career? What will become of the World's Best Entertainer? I guess only time will tell.
--WBE continues to sit there as the scene fades away.--
World's Biggest Erection

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