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The killahs reply

Post  TheKillah on Sat Oct 24, 2009 11:13 am

-- Indestructible by Disturbed starts playing. The Killah appears on the ramp and walks down to the ring.
Blake: He doesn't look too happy.
Andrew: After that tag team match, I wouldn't be too happy either.

-- The Killah enters the ring.

Jordz: Welcome to the mosh pit, Killah.
TheKillah: Shut up. What is this mosh pit thing?
Jordz:Oooh, whats with the anger huh?
TheKillah: I'll tell you whats the problem: You cost me that tag team match. You can't defend yourself; I had to back you up all the way. It wasn't a tag team match, it was a handicap match! Against me!
--The fans chant "YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!"
Jordz: Oh really now? Well these fans sure disagree! I was obviously stronger and more focused in that match!
TheKillah: Who cares about these punks? More focused? What are you smoking huh? I countered 3 finishers and did most of the work. All you did was lay down for the three count! You're worthless! You can't fight for life. You think you're all strong and the best this business has to offer? Then show me, homie.


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