We're Back!!!!

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We're Back!!!!

Post  under cover brother on Sun Nov 01, 2009 8:55 am

--All of a sudden the arena goes black and the titantron has a message displayed on the screen "We're Back!!!!". Then the arena light goes back on and the Ladies Men emerge into the arena and come to the ring and the crowd goes crazy for them."--

UCB: "Yeah, Yeah, thank you all."

NP: "But we can't hear you. Is this how you treat the greatest tag team ever."

--The crowd gets up again and they go ballistic.--

UCB: "Wow! It is good to be back here with the greatest fans in the world! WE ARE BACK ON WARZONE!!!"

NP: "That's right. Luckly we got traded back to where our carrers took off. Warzone is the greatest brand in the world and Nightmare has nothing on Warzone!"

--The crowd starts cheering "Warzone Rocks! Nightmare Sucks!"--

UCB: "Yeah, and we can say this because we have experience on both brands. But we are back to bring something back to Warzone! We want the tag titles back here on Warzone."

NP: "Yepp, that's true, but we want to prove that the tag team division is stronger here now that the Ladies Men are here. We want to challenge the Hitmen of Crap, or HoC for short."

UCP: "So HoC, if you want to stand up for yourself then come on here and face us like men, because the 2 time Unified Tag Team Champs are here to stay!!!"

--The Ladies Men wait until the HoA come to the ring.--
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