Backstage Interview

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Backstage Interview

Post  Chris Extreme on Sun Nov 01, 2009 2:34 pm

--Jenna is walking around with a camera man. All of a sudden they see Chris Extreme walking out of his lockeroom. They run up to him--

Chris Extreme: What do you want?

Jenna: I just want to ask you some questions like how do you feel about getting your first ever World Title match in just a few minutes?

Chris Extreme: It's long overdue, that's what I feel about it.

Jenna: Anything to say about your opponent, the current World Heavyweight Champion?

Chris Extreme: I have already said but I guess I have to repeat myself. Dylan Meech's World title reign ends today. He's held that title for three weeks, and I up he's enjoyed it because it all ends tonight for Meech.

--Chris Extreme pauses for a little bit--

Chris Extreme: I am the fastest rising star in AtPW history and I have proven to be a problem for all of my opponents. I have faced a lot of challenges so far in my rout to my first ever World title. Dylan Meech is just a bump in the road in me becoming the World Heavyweight Champion

--Chris Extreme walks away while the camera fades--
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