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Scorpion's gimmick

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Scorpion's gimmick

Post  Scorpius on Thu Nov 05, 2009 12:17 pm

Wrestlers name: Scorpius Martin

Home Town: Belgium - Hasselt

Face or Heel: Heel



Appearance: standard street fighting gear with black/yellow/red colored knee patches.

Black hair, brown eyes, white skin.

Description: He is a second generation wrestlers that learned the tricks of the business from his father in a different federation.
After a big fued with his father the good kid turned bad and wants to prove he earns his spot with the masters of the business even without the help of his father.

Nicknames: the sting

Finishers: Scorpion deadlock (submission), Scorpion Sting (direct damage), Sting of dead (pinfall)

Taunts: Pride of the Scorpions, Scorpion backflip, Scorpion glance.

Fanbase: Usually the crowd boo's at everything he does. But he has a loyal fanbase of about 10 ppl that follow him on everyshow and from time to time cause havoc around the ring.


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