Hey there guys

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Hey there guys

Post  Raynor on Sat Dec 05, 2009 3:00 pm

HI guys,

Im James Raynor I begin to play twg last year and what will i say ...i love it... Im an tech wrestler and an real submission-monster ;p.

Gimmick: a little bit like Shawn Michaels (DX-Style) and the rest is...only me. Im an Tweener meaning is simple I think im face but i will switch to heel if someone piss me off.

The rest do you found out if you fight me or ask...

I have some experience in feds I was VGM and "RP-Star" in other feds but my job is killing me and so i hadnt much time to be active sorry but i will do my best to post some RP's

BTW: would be glad if someone need an tagpartner for fed cause im an good rper for tt rps

so then good night good fight


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