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"The Immortal Warrior" Stefan Escayg

Post  Stefan Escayg on Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:35 pm

The camera fades in to show Stefan standing in the middle of the ring with a mic in his hand--
Stefan: Welcome to the Gimmick page of "The Immortal Warrior" Stefan Escayg!
--The fans in the arena cheer--
First off, I need to clarify something...
...when I call myself "The Immortal Warrior", it is not because I believe that I will live forever...
...no, I'm smarter than that...what it symbolizes is my Warrior's spirit!
My never say die attitude! THAT is what is Immortal!
If you would like to use my character in your role plays, make sure that you ask me first!
The last thing I want is to look OOC (out of character...) in someone else's rp!
Now if it's something small, like a brief appearance, I'm fine (an example would be when TAS was walking down the hall after breaking up with his gf, and passing me talking with Savannah. I was not OOC at all, so something VERY minor like that is ok w/o my consent).
One thing that'll definately piss me off though, is making me say things without my control...
...NEVER...do that!
If I need to speak...I will do that myself! NOBODY else!
Also, I'm a bit of a perfectionist. That means that the smallest errors irritate me, so keep that in mind when feuding with me.

I'd never make it a big deal, I'd probably never even mention it. The most I'd do is fix it myself (ex. grammar, spelling, etc.)
If you want to feud with me, make sure you you're ready to plan out the entire thing. I really don't like rushing to think of something, but I am capable of doing so if need be.
I'm not the best at coming up with things out of nowhere, but if there's a base, I can build an entire feud on it.
Also, I'm an aspiring wrestler in real life, so I enjoy editing my own matches. I don't edit all of them, but PPV's and other important matches are what I like editing.
I think I'm pretty easy to work with, but I shouldn't be the judge of that.
Umm...I think that's about it! I'm pretty friendly, so if you ever want to talk about anything, send a PM my way. If you're going through some issues and need someone to talk to, send a PM my way (keep in mind that I'm only 18 though...I'm not a wise old man or anything, but I'm a good listener )
I hope you guys enjoy my work!
--Stefan drops the mic and waves to the fans as he leaves--

Character Details

Name: Stefan Escayg
Face or Heel: Face!
Age: 24
Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Weight: 220 pounds
Physical Appearance: Stefan has tan, almost caramel coloured skin. He has dreadlocks that go a little bit past the shoulders, and is pretty ripped (not huge...ripped...toned...w/e it's called!). During matches, Stefan wears long black pants with a hint of red designs on it (not tights. More like HBK material pants). He has black boots, and white tape wrapped around his fist and about 2-3 inches of his wrist. During interviews and in-ring promos, unless otherwise stated, Stefan wears the same thing except with a black sleeveless, buttonless vest that is open down the middle to show his chest and abs (Basically what The Rock used to wear near the end of his career (WM19)).
Nicknames: "The Immortal Warrior"
win...lose...or draw... --The fans join in-- MY SPIRIT...WILL NEVER...DIE!!!
Allies: None
Enemies: "The Samoan Warrior" Aifelafasofa, The Terrible Terrier, Shane Sebastian

Stefan Escayg Slowly Looks Around At His Fans As They Chant His Name And Glares At His Opponent executing The Warrior's Stance

Stefan Escayg Looks Around At The Fans And Begins To Pump Them Up Before Turning His Attention To His Opponent executing The War Rally

Stefan Escayg Starts Looking Around At The Crowd And Gets Them On Their Feet Before Turning His Attention Back To The Opponent executing The Warrior's Spirit

Trinidadian Tornado (Spinning Kick)
Immortal Twisting Somersault Kick (Twisting Somersault Kick)
Blazing Warrior (Shining Wizard)

Main Finisher (Superkick)
Stefan Escayg is Irish whipped to the ropes He ducks under a clothesline attempt and comes back with a jumping spinning kick to the face Both men lay on the mat until Stefan kips up
The crowd goes into a frenzy as Stefan waits for his opponent to get up and hits him with a Superkick to the chin executing a devastating Warrior's Kick

Secondary Finisher (Swanton Bomb into a Leg Drop)
Stefan Escayg hits an enziguiri to the back of the opponent's head Stefan then climbs the turnbuckle and grins at the fans once on top
He then leaps into the air doing a front flip with his back completely straight Before landing Stefan shifts his body and lands with a leg drop on the opponent's neck and goes for the pin executing an devastating Immortal Dive

Third Finisher (Sharpshooter)
Stefan Escayg is Irish whipped to the ropes but comes back with a jumping calf kick to the face Stefan then gets a running start from the ropes and performs a backflip into a knee drop to the opponent's face
The fans go wild as Stefan grabs the opponent's legs and looks around before putting them into a Sharpshooter executing a devastating Tri-factor



1/21/09 W: Stefan Escayg def. Aifelafasofa via pinfall with a Dragonrana
1/25/09 W: Stefan Escayg def. Spider Pig via pinfall with a Modified Spinning Kick
2/4/09 D: Stefan Escayg vs. Aifelafasofa ends in a double countout
2/8/09 W: Stefan Escayg def. Thomas McKnight by DQ

2/15/09 Ground Zero W: Stefan Escayg def. Aifelafasofa in a Last Man Standing Match with the Warrior's Kick
3/1/09 L: The Terrible Terrier def. Stefan Escayg and Scrier in an Elimination Triple Threat Match (Scrier eliminated by Stefan via pinfall with a roll up...Stefan eliminated via pinfall with a Lifting Sitout Double Underhook Facebuster)
3/8/09 W: Stefan Escayg def. Thomas McKnight by DQ
4/19/09 W: Stefan Escayg def. Hitman Goose via submission with the Tri-Factor
4/26/09 L: Thomas McKnight and The Rainbow Haired Warrior def. Stefan Escayg and Cyn by DQ
5/3/09 Extinction W: Stefan Escayg def. Thomas McKnight in a Hardcore Match via pinfall with the Immortal Dive off of a 20 foot Ladder through 2 tables
5/31/09 W: Stefan Escayg def. Hitman Goose via pinfall with a Warrior's Kick
6/11/09 W: Stefan Escayg and psicosis def. Shane Sebastian and The Terrible Terrier when psicosis pinned Terrier after the Diving Guillotine Leg Drop
6/14/09 Down and Dirty W: Stefan Escayg def. Shane Sebastian via submission with the Tri-Factor
7/9/09 W: Stefan Escayg def. Wynter via pinfall with a Warrior's Kick
7/16/09 W: Stefan Escayg and Aifelafasofa def. The Bish and DarkJarr via Pinfall when Aifelafasofa pinned The Bish after Stefan hit the Warrior's Kick
7/19/09 W: Stefan Escayg def. Psicosis via pinfall with the Warrior's Kick
7/23/09 W: Stefan Escayg and The Bish def. Aifelafasofa and DarkJarr via pinfall when Stefan rolled DarkJarr up for the pin
7/30/09 Anarchy L: Aifelafasofa def. Stefan Escayg via pinfall with a Samoan Plex from the top rope
8/23/09 W: Stefan Escayg def. Drex via pinfall with the Warrior's Kick
8/27/09 W: Stefan Escayg def. VOK, A-Poe, and Mikai Escayg in a Gauntlet Match (1st: VOK via pinfall with the Immortal Dive, 2nd: A-Poe via submittion with the Tri-Factor, 3rd: Mikai Escayg via pinfall with the Warrior's Kick)
8/30/09 D: Stefan Escayg vs. Hitman Goose ends in a Double DQ when Aifelafasofa came out and attacked both men.
9/6/09 Retaliation L: Aifelafasofa def. Hitman Goose and Stefan Escayg in a Triple Threat Match via pinfall when he pinned Goose after Stefan hit the Warrior's Kick.
10/1/09 W: Stefan Escayg def. Willhaster via pinfall with a Warrior's Kick
10/8/09 W: Stefan Escayg def. The Kamikaze Pilot via submission with a Tri-Factor

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