A Breath of Fresh Air

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A Breath of Fresh Air

Post  Bruce Hardy on Thu Dec 24, 2009 11:55 pm

--"Battery" by Metallica blares through the sound system as the lights dim and a color-changing spotlight flashes all over the arena while a man wearing a black cowboy hat, a black unbuttoned overcoat, blue denim jeans, and carrying an electric guitar walks on to the ramp. The unknown man raises the hand he isn't carrying the guitar with and forms it in to the "Rock On" sign as he keeps walking towards the ring. Once he gets to the ring, the man calls a tech guy over for a mic, and as a tech guy runs over, the man thanks the tech guy and enters the ring. As the man lifts the mic to his mouth, the lights go back to normal and the unknown man begins to speak--
Unknown Man: "Hello AtPW Fans! I am one of AtPW's newest recruits, My name is Bruce Hardy, and I'm here to make an impact!"
--The crowd cheers--
Bruce Hardy: "I am here to take over this federation in a different style than others have done in the past. I'm not going to lie, steal, or cheat my way to the position as champion. I'm going to earn it by winning. Lets think of it as a breath of fresh air from posers who aren't destined to win, but have to slither their way to the top. But as a matter-of-fact, I'm going to start my race to the top, the right way, by winning my first match tonight in a tag team match with the unstoppable Maverick against one of the most prominent tag teams in this federation, Norwegian Playboy & Under Cover Brother, also known as The Ladies Men!"
--The crowd cheer uproariously at the mention of the Ladies Men--
Bruce Hardy: "But for now, I want all of you great fans to remember the name Bruce Hardy, because the next time you hear it, it'll be followed by the phrase "the New AtPW Champion."
--"Battery" by Metallica blasts through the sound system again as Bruce Hardy leaves the ring, walks up the ramp, and in to the backstage area--

REAL Men can wear Kilts and be more awesome than the rest Razz

also, Great Jasons think alike Very Happy

Hades, King Neli, Insa, Dylan Meech, Monkeydawg, Jason Campbell, and Maverick are on my awesome list

Frozen King is the only person on my douche list

Updated: FK is still a douchebag
Bruce Hardy

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