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Bruce's Gimmick

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Bruce's Gimmick

Post  Bruce Hardy on Sat Dec 26, 2009 3:08 pm

Wrestler Name: Bruce Hardy
Home Town: Pompano Beach, Florida
Face or Heel: Face (Gonna be heel sooner or later though)
Height: 5" 8"
Weight:165 lbs
Appearance:Has long brown hair usually in a ponytail or wearing a cowboy hat. Also has a brown goatee and blue eyes and is usually carrying his guitar. Usually wears blue denim jeans when not in the ring and a wifebeater with a black leather overcoat and black combat boots (In-ring he wears black wrestling tights)
Description:Bruce Hardy is a former rockstar fallen from grace and to take some of his time off his hands from his new, extraordinarily empty calendar, Bruce took up wrestling in the local gym. One day in the gym, a scout stopped by and saw that Bruce had talent.Ever since Bruce has been wrestling in federations all over America up until he came to AtPW. (Bruce is polite, a natural ladies man, he goes crazy when he gets his adrenaline pumping, and is in general, a nice guy)
Nicknames: "The Rockstar" "The Rockin' Rebel"

REAL Men can wear Kilts and be more awesome than the rest Razz

also, Great Jasons think alike Very Happy

Hades, King Neli, Insa, Dylan Meech, Monkeydawg, Jason Campbell, and Maverick are on my awesome list

Frozen King is the only person on my douche list

Updated: FK is still a douchebag
Bruce Hardy

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