All that glitters, is not gold

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All that glitters, is not gold

Post  Jeff Phoenix on Sun Dec 27, 2009 2:33 am

--The camera shows a figure sitting on top of an ambulance, wearing a black shirt, along with black jeans, with a grin on his face, leaning against a wall. He holds out his right hand, revealing a small paper bag.--

Man: This. This is it. This, is where so many of my oponents wind up. Just sitting here, it gives me memories.. good times, good times.

--He smiles, then walks down the hall, he walks past some AtPW workers, then leans against a wall.--

Man: I look at the past, I see failure. I look at the future, and I see success. Because for so long, this place has been weak.. But no longer. They believed that this place was actually a success.. those fools.

--The figure calmly sighs, looks down and shakes his head in disappointment.--

Man: I mean look at it. Trash cans. Steel chairs. Ladders. All of them simple tools by simple pawns. Do you actually think that a weapon makes up for a lack of talent? Does it make you better?

--The man shakes his head again, and chuckles a little.--

Man: Because in this bag, I have plenty of toys for pain. They rip through flesh, and could be used.. It's kinda odd..

--He pulls out a steel nail, and he squeezes it tight, as if he liked the feeling.--

Man: This simple tool. I could cause so.. much pain.. I could stick this through your body, and it would be over.

--He lets everything else in the bottom of the bag fall to the ground, revealing many tacks.--

Man: Each one of these cause so much pain.. so much, and it amuses me. But do they make me talented? No. They make me a coward.. so, Im going to teach you in my ways, I know that it is hard to resist temptation. Because would you rather be remembered as "The guy in that match", or the guy who made history?

--The man stands up, and looks directly into the camera. His smile quickly disappears from his face.--

Man: Look at it. We all remember the greats. The Iron Shiek, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan.. everyone backstage idolizes them. They want to be them. For that.. I almost feel sorry for them. I don't want to be like a legend, I have the talent to be better. I don't need to use an item to cause my damage, I use my bare hands, just like this sport was built on. When you remember the greatest, do you think of the greatest "Chair Shot"? The greatest "Ladder match"? No. You remember the person that made them great. So today, when you look back on my reign of dominance, you will smile knowing that you were there when I started it all. My name is Jeff Phoenix, and remember this. All that glitters, is not gold.

--He walks off with a smile on his face, followed by the cameraman. He then gives the cameraman a glare, giving him the obvious signal to cut them feed, and it fades to black.--

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