Stealthy's Greatness Vs Weakness Chapter Two

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Stealthy's Greatness Vs Weakness Chapter Two

Post  Superstar VGM Stealthy on Sat Apr 18, 2009 10:36 pm

Looking Back Now On My Life...I Always Was My Own Hero...What I Mean To Say Is....I'm The Only Guy Who Made Anything Good In My Life Happen.I Owe Everything To Me! I Often Stop And Look At Other People's Weakness And I'm Amazed On How Stupid Other's Can Be...
I Always Like To Think Of It As... Greatness Vs Weakness....And If You Work Hard And Over Come Any Mistakes You May Have Made And DO NOT REPEAT THOSE MISTAKES...You Shall Become More Wise!Winning At Everything You Do And Rising To The Top In Glory...Is What Life Is All About....But It's Never Easy!!!You Will Always Fall From Grace If You Let Your Guard Down...And Let Weakness Take Over.

I Had Have My Share Of Mistakes...But Being My Own Hero... I Had Always Became The Champ On Things.....Some Times I Sit In A Room Alone....And Even Pray To My Self...Just To Give Myself Thanks On How Great I Have Become.

I Was Thinking About The Other Day...I Had Went To A Market And Their Was This 10 Year Old Little Kid Who Had Recognized Me And Wanted An Autograph...Well I Saw No Harm In Making That Little Boys Day A Dream Come True...So I Decided To Give Him My Autograph....And As I Was Finished And I Was About To Leave... The kid Said To Me..."I Want To Be Like You When I Grow Up!"...

Now When He Said That...All Of A Sudden I Felt Sorry For Him...I Felt Bad....
Because I Knew Their Was No Way That Could Ever Happen! Because Deep Down Inside.. I Knew... I Was The Greatest Man Alive And Their Could Never Be Another.

Well After That Happen I Had Decided Not To Let These Kinds Of Things Bother Me...So From Then On... I Stop Giving Autographs.
I Have No Weakness...Because I Am Great...My Greatness Can't Be Copied...It Can't Be Duplicated..But People Do Try...

My Greatness Can Only Be...Mocked With The False Hope That Anyone Anywhere...Can Be As Great As Me...And Until People Understand That..They Will Always Act Stupid And Live Up To A False Dream.
In Closing...
Being The Greatest... I Can Only Try To Help Others To Be Better...And I Will Continue This Great Deed To Others Because I Am....
The Greatest Of All Time!
Twisted Evil
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Re: Stealthy's Greatness Vs Weakness Chapter Two

Post  GM King Neli on Sun Apr 19, 2009 11:19 am

To bad your role plays are not as good as this Razz
And how many chapters you plan on writing up?
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