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Sore Losers!....Sniff Sniff

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Sore Losers!....Sniff Sniff

Post  Superstar VGM Stealthy on Thu Apr 23, 2009 10:05 pm

You Know...I'm Not Gonna Mention Any Names Around Here...But I Got To Say Something In Public!!!!!
Their Is Some Sore Crybaby Losers Here In The E.B.W!!!!!....You Know... The Kind Of Loser That Loses And Wants To Take His Ball And Go Home...That's The Kind Of Loser I'm Talking About!!!! The Kind Of Loser Who Makes You Want To Walk Over To Them In Person And Just Smack The Shit Out Of!!!!!! That Kind Of Loser!!!
The Kind Of Loser You Spend A lot Of Time On.... Only For That Time To Be Wasted....That Kind Of Loser!!! The Kind Of Loser That Wants Some One To Pity Him Because He Is A Loser!!!!! That Kind Of Loser!!!!.....
The Reason I'm Not Gonna Mention Any Names Is Because He Is A Fucking Loser And Don't Deserve The Attention He Is Striving For....Because I Hate Fucking Crying... Self Pity...Waste Of Time...LOSER!!!!!
And On That Note.... I Just Want To Say Hello To Jyhad Ali...Cheers Pal
Stealthy Evil or Very Mad
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Re: Sore Losers!....Sniff Sniff

Post  GM King Neli on Fri Apr 24, 2009 1:06 am

stealthy your very weird
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