A Fed Offer Email Sent To Me!!!! lol Funny I Think.

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A Fed Offer Email Sent To Me!!!! lol Funny I Think.

Post  Superstar VGM Stealthy on Mon May 18, 2009 8:50 am

Wicker ...looking for a new fed?

send contract

which kind of contract are you expecting? And will be active...will you RP?

Im always active and yes i rp....and i expect Alot Of Money for my services...To Have The Best

You Better Pay The Best....Now I Have A Question For You? Do You Know What Send A Contract Means?

Send It... And If YOUR Aprove You Might Get Lucky! And Have The Greatest Wrestling Star Of All Time To Come In... And Raise Your Federation Standards....Wooooooooo! Cheers Chump!



By the way....these are our shows


Current season is our third and we most probably will run through the fed-sections pretty fast, because I have many wrestlers from former AWA (mondial section) in my roster.

With your score you would be #35 in my fed. Therefore I can only give you a MAIN-EVENTER-contract. Would that be OK for you. You know...I need to delete a current contract to send it to you. Therfore I would like to know whether MAIN-EVENTER would be OK for you ...

I currently only ha

Well My Friend It Goes Like This....Save Your Pennys And Dimes In Your Piggy Bank...And When You Have Enough To Invest Without Deleting Some One's Job...To Afford It...You Can Send The Contract!

I Will Look Over It....Then And Only Then Will I Give You An Answer! I Thought I Had Made Myself Clear Pal....Send The Contract!!!!

I Dont Care About Your Business On What And How You Got To Do It....My Job Is Beating People Up And Becoming World Champion....Not Trying To Figure Out How The Hell You Can Pay For Me!!!! Now Get Out Of Here! And Go Get A Second Job....Or Something!

Man These Little Wanna Be Gm's Annoy The Hell Out Of Me! "I Got To Delete A Contract To Have You"....Sniff Sniff......Moron!


it says: This wrestler cannot be engaged until 2009-5-24

Really?.....Thats Interesting! Thanks For Sharing!

I Guess You Will Have To Wait Until The 24th Then...No Worries For Me...It Gives All The Big Shows And The Gm's A Chance To Have A Little Time To Muster Up All The Cash..That It Will Take To Have Yours Truly On Their Roster! In The Mean Time I Think I Will Get A Tan And Dine With Some Fine Ladies! Woooooooo!

I Allow You To Save My Picture On My Main Page...That Should Cover The Tip For Your Effort! Now Run Along...And Go Play Or Something! You Got Alot Of Work To Do By The 24th....Beat It Pal

Woooooo! Its Party Time!


Fine Ladies...I see....but if you should touch Wendy....The Wicker Man's lady....The Wicker Man will kick your butt....

In this show


you can see Wendy....scroll down to the bottom of the show...

By the way: Where are you from?

Email Ends....
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