Land Of The Frozen: RAW REPORT

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Land Of The Frozen: RAW REPORT

Post  Frozen King on Tue Jun 09, 2009 1:33 pm

Last Night was Raw. The Return Of the game, Broken Batista arms, the quit of vickie guerraro, divorce of edge and vickie, and the knockout camel clutch of show to cena then steel chairs from the Miz.

Match 1: Kofi Vs Regal

Regal loses cuz of Trouble in paradise.

Before that match Orton and his vipers snapped batistas arm

Match 2:

Tag match Colons lose to Rhodes and dibiase

Match 3: diva title match

Maryse retains

Match 4: N/C Cena knocked out by big show then Miz takes out show and cena

Match 5: 3 Man tag match

Marella golddust and festus beat kendrick noble and Chavo

Vickie quits, edge files for divorce

match 6: Triple H comes out instead of batista and beats orton down thus no WWE Title for Orton batista retains raw with no leader.

This Was a quick report just saying the winners and stuff srry for no detail i felt it unneccesary.
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