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    TCM's Gimmick

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    TCM's Gimmick

    Post  The Crimson Moon on Mon Sep 28, 2009 2:32 pm

    Wrestlers Name: The Crimson Moon

    Nickname: TCM

    From: Fairfax, Virginia

    Ring Name: Crimson

    Face or Heel: Face

    Crowd Favorite: Favorite

    Weight: 177 lbs (Wrestler)

    Height: 6'' 0 (Wrestler)

    Color Eyes: Brown

    Hair Color: Black

    Skin Color: Black/African American

    Finishers: Death Sentence (Direct Damage) Death Note (Pin) Death Device (Direct Damage.)

    Taunts: Execution, Domination, Devistation.

    Tag Team Partner: Hell Cat

    Tag Team Name: The Wolf Pack

    Stable Name: The Hired Assassin's

    Stable Members: The Crimson Moon (Me), Rabid, "Speedy boy" Alyn , and Hell Cat

    About My Wrestler: When I was a kid I always was picked on, but one day I was sick and tired of it. So I started fighting back.
    When I turned 17 I became a UFC fighter. I won 12 out of 14 of my fights. 9 were by knockout, 2 were from Submission, and one was from TKO.
    I retired from the 8 sided octogon, and I am presently training to become a WWE Superstar
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    Re: TCM's Gimmick

    Post  @ MR. ATPW on Tue Sep 29, 2009 4:51 pm

    welcome to atpw and this is a great place you will love it here
    @ MR. ATPW

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