Nightmare Card, 13th October

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Nightmare Card, 13th October

Post  Syndro Sanders on Tue Oct 06, 2009 10:40 am

1. Match: King Neli II vs. LocoLibre

2. Match: The Crimson Moon vs. Splat Pooey

3. Match: WHT Semi-Final: Dylan Meech vs. WBE vs. SKF

4. Match:
WHT Semi-Final: Maverick vs. The Killah vs. Jordz

5. Match: Insa, The Irish vs. Sheldon

6. Match: Hades vs. Humpty Dumpty

7. Match: Tag Team Match: Wolverine & Underkane vs. Ronin & Bobby Digital

8. Match: Chris Extreme vs. Fissure

9. Match: Dr. Thrax vs. Mattskee
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