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Post  GM King Neli on Thu Mar 17, 2011 10:28 am

King Neli walks out of the curtain with a huge applause from the crowd. King Neli walks down to the ring, taunting the fans on his way. He grabs a microphone from ring side and enters the ring--
King Neli: Now
you are probably wondering what has happened to Addicted to Pain
Wrestling over the last month or so. It hasn't been a pleasant month.
I've had family problems as some of you may know. What family problems I
have had over the past month, I apologize for this but I can not tell
--The fans stay silent--
King Neli:
Personal Issues a side, I'm looking to bring Addicted to Pain Wrestling
to a higher standard it was before. This is why I have sold off the
--The fans start booing.--
Andrew Rushmore: I take it they don't want Neli to leave.
Blake Limit: He has carried AtPW for 6 months. Without Neli, There wouldn't be any Addicted to Pain Wrestling at all.
King Neli:
I understand that you do not want me to leave AtPW. This is why I have
only sold my General Manager position but not my role as an Addicted to
Pain Wrestler.
--The Fans start cheering.--
King Neli: So without further ado, I would like to introduce Lucifer Daniels as the new General Manager of ADDICTED TO PAIN WRESTLING....
--The fans wait in anticipation as the curtain flys to the side and Lucifer Daniels appears. Lucifer makes his way to the ring and entes. He shakes King Neli's hand and then asks for a mic.--
Lucifer Daniels:
Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Lucifer Daniels. Some of you may have
never herd of me but I have worked with numorous Wrestling promotions
and when Neli approached me with the job, it was something I couldn't
refuse. I've also promised Neli that he will have a contract as a
wrestler with AtPW as long as I am alive.
--The fans let out a small cheer.--
Lucifer Daniels: To
move on, Since last season didn't work out the way Neli wanted it to,
me and Neli have agreed to vacate all the titles and they will all be
fought for at the next Pay Per View which will be held in 4 weeks from
--The fans let out a bit of a louder cheer.--
Lucifer Daniels: Apart
from that, things will carry out as usual. So enjoy the show and the
title contenders will be announced on Friday. Apart from that, Happy new
years AtPW fans!!
--The fans start cheering and chanting AtPW as Neli and Lucifer shake hands one last time--

General Manager of Addicted to Pain: Nightmare!!
GM King Neli

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