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Hayden Gimmick

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Hayden Gimmick

Post  Hayden Sikh on Tue Nov 03, 2009 9:01 am

Wrestler Name: Hayden Sikh
Home Town: Wherever the Fed is based.
Face or Heel: Comic Heel
Height: 6'0
Weight: 225
Appearance: Sikh gimmick with turban
Nicknames: The Turbanator


Hayden was the subject of many taunts at school for having the same name as a popular children's game. This sowed the seeds for his unpleasant personality.

Hayden joined the wrestling world years ago after seeing the undertaker from the WWF on TV, and he wanted to be just like him.
Unfortunately for Hayden, he ran into a somewhat dodgy promoter who, seeing Hayden's Indian appearence decided to pretend to mis-understand Hayden's requests in an attempt to save money. (Hayden speaks perfect English)
Hayden has ended up with a horse instead of a hearse and an under-baker instead of undertaker. Being keen to get on in this business he didn't complain about this though and has learned to live with the gimmick. The horse however is a bit of a sore point as it reminds him of what he really wanted. The baker leads the wooden horse on wheels in on a rope while Hayden "proudly" sits astride. He also helps out with flour Dr. Fuji style from time to time.

In his own mind he's a very serious wrestler with a big future in the industry, but the realism of the situation is that he's a high level jobber, never given a run by the promoters and secretly people laugh at him.

Hayden Sikh

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