"The Demon Lord" Sparda

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"The Demon Lord" Sparda

Post  Sparda on Sun Nov 08, 2009 3:22 am

Alignment: Heel
Age: 21
Born: Valley Of Death (Latvia)
Height: 6.7 (197 cm)
Weight: 6.6 (92 kg)


is vicious and brutal person. He thinks that hes a son of Satan
himself... but worse... He has little gothic girlfriend always with
him.Her name is Liz. He always wears Long black Leather coat and
always have with him a vicious barbed wire baseball bat... Sometimes he
have a wrapped face in bloody bandages and a whiskey bottle.

13 years he once beat a guy who was 18 years old. That guy slept in
coma for 2 years. He didnt graduated even high school because of his
anger problems. He is a real heel.


Entrance video


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