We're Back!!!

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We're Back!!!

Post  under cover brother on Wed Dec 23, 2009 8:37 am

--The arena goes pitch black and the titantron displays "They are back!!! The greatest team is back to dominate!!! All the ladies, beware!!!" The crowd goes crazy as the lights come back on and it's UCB and Norwegian standing at the top of the ramp.--

UCB: "Are you ready for our return? THE LADIES MEN are back to dominate ATPW again!!!"

Norwegian: "That's right, UCB left for a short while to regroup himself. He was devistated after our last failure of a tag team championship defense. But he is back and ready to kill the competion."

UCB: "That's right. As I was out I was thinking on who I should unleash my rath on. As I was out, I came to a conclusion as to who I should beat. And right now I want to call out CLEVLAND GRIFFIN!"

--The crowd seems shocked at this desision.--

Norwegian: "Are you sure Brother? I mean Clevland, come on. The ladies at my place can wrestle better than Clevland."

--The crowd laughs at NP's remark.--

UCB: "Ok, nice nice Norwegian. Man have I missed this. Well don't sell Clevland's talents short. I will never overlook an opponent ever again. Plus after this I will show that I have what it takes to be a World Champion as well as a Tag Team Champion. So Clevland, come on out here and face me like a man."

--The crowd starts chanting "COME ON CLEVLAND!"--
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