McFl0 - chapter one

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McFl0 - chapter one

Post  McFlO_o on Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:17 am

Wrestler Name:McFl0
Home Town:I'd prefer setting unknown , like a wrestler with a dark past who came from nowhere and now is making history
Face or Heel:whatever the future will reserve
Height:why does this matter? I've never used it in a RP ... let's say : 1.80 meters
Weight:same... 90 kg is enough Very Happy?
Appearance:McFl0 enters in the ring like a true boxing star , always surrounded by girls and with some cool themes played
Description:McFl0's name is inspired by the well known company McDonalds , he was found in one restaurant playing with the kids and having nobody to take care of him . One of the employees took him into his care and somehow the destiny made him to find a great kid in the house near him . That kid was a junior-wrestling fighter and tough him some secrets.Anyway , till 18 he was boxing at the amateurs level and only after 18 when he was tired of his long losing streak he joined wrestling.
Nicknames:I'll let you choose.


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